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Welcome to Enterprise Information Stewardship at MSU

This site is provided as a resource for information stewardship and data management activities at Michigan State University.

What is Enterprise Information Stewardship?

Enterprise Information Stewardship is a framework in which key information resources are managed in a way similar to other University resources, with care and intention. It is comprised of the following three dimensions:

Information Usefulness

Data resources deliver value through their use. Information usefulness rests on the foundation of data reliability and security. By making data available in the form needed, when and where needed, information and knowledge can be created.

Information Reliability

Data reliability requires a cross-subject-matter collaborative approach to stewardship, one that identifies subject-matter systems of record and fosters coherence through system integration. To support this, an overall view is needed of the University data resource. Such a view is embodied in an enterprise data model. At a more detailed level, data elements and groupings have life cycles, and varying contexts in which they are used or updated. So that users may rely upon data, each data element and grouping needs a clear, accessible and agreed-upon definition, and consistent, coherent business rules for collection, entry, maintenance and use.

Information Security

Data must be physically, technically, and logically secure to protect privacy of data subjects, and to assure data accuracy and availability for users. Such security includes policies and procedures to ensure that sensitive data access is on a “need to know” basis.